July 2012

Speaking Engagement at 2012 CPPC Conference

The CPPC encourages companies who do business with governments at all levels to take this opportunity to meet public procurement officials outside of the confines of a contract negotiation.
Marketing opportunities in the form of exhibit booth space and sponsorships are available for the three-day conference. For more information and to receive a package, please contact McE Galbreath at mgalbreath@cppc-ccmp.ca or 613-688-0763.

Announcement of New Csolutions Group on LinkedIn

The goal of the Csolutions group is to enable individuals to gain either employment or business opportunities. Each individual who is approved is expected to assist others in their quest for either a full time job or a new business ventures. Paying forward is a requirement for membership.
About this Group:
Created: July 16, 2012
Type: Professional Group
Members: 45
Owner: Gerald (Jerry) F.