TickTimes is still a work in progress. Cambridge Solutions Inc. was working with students from Conestoga College. Working together, they took advantage of the Applied Research and Commercialization Initiative and will create an innovative scheduling system. The program was designed primarily to meet the need of schools to become more efficient with their teacher scheduling. The current process takes anywhere from 30 to 40 hours for each school to complete in order to balance the teachers and courses. The drag and drop features and visual reporting that we created allowed the workload to be reduced from 40 hours to approximately 4 hours. The program allows for various scenarios and business logic thus enabling Cambridge Solutions to make some minor modification to the system in order to use this program for other types of scheduling where there are dependencies. A typical other market would be a Community Care Access Center who have staff who are schedule based on client’s needs and staff’s credentials.

There is still another phase that needs to be completed.
Upon a successful completion of the project, there will be several outcomes for CSI and their clients:
• A cost effective scheduling solution for Educational and other Institutions
• The ability to offer ongoing customization of user interfaces to meet a client’s requirements.
• The ability to grow the product over time to allow for more features and capabilities.
• The ability to offer ongoing support services for school boards and institutions.

After successful initial implementations, the product will be initially marketed to many school boards within Ontario. Depending upon the implementation and market penetration, several full time jobs may be created. Opportunities exist to roll out this product to allow client’s to use the program to schedule their staff.

The TickTimes Team
Below are the TickTimes Team members at the time of the project and their respective positions. We would like to thank them for their contributions to this project.
Jim Berry
Assistant Superintendent of Learning Services
Waterloo Region District School Board

Gerald Ford
Chief Visionary Officer
Cambridge Solutions Inc.

Melina Cormier
Technical Analyst
Graduate of Conestoga College

Rachel Ford
Associate Business Analyst
3rd Yr Student at Conestoga College

Corey Middleton
Graduate from SET at Conestoga College
Research Assistant Level III

Aaron Moloci
3rd Yr Student at Conestoga College
Student Research Assistant Level II

Tige Wright
2nd Yr Student at Conestoga College
Student Research Assistant Level I