Open Text Auctions

In 2002, CSI worked with Open Text in order to be able to dispose of office and computer equipment that was no longer needed.

The first auction consisted of unused computers that were sold as a packaged set with a monitor, keyboard and mouse. A web based program (similar to EBay) was internally developed so that the employees could bid on the items from their own desk. Open Text made about $35,000 from this operation and saved much more on storage and inventory costs.

The Second Auction was an even larger operation. Not only were computers sold, but office furniture of all types was auctioned off to the public. The equipment was being stored in three different locations costing Open Text more than $25,000 a year in storage costs. The CSI team helped to consolidate all the items into one location and then organized and itemized them for sale. An auctioneer was hired and all the items were auctioned off at fair prices.

Overall, the Open Text Auctions were a huge money-making and saving success for Open Text and a great learning and business opportunity for the CSI team.