Vendor Performance Management – Canadian Association of Management Consultants Ontario Ministry of Government Services Shared Services

Consultant: Gerald Ford CSCMP

Title: Senior Business Advisor

Date: Dec 2009 to Present



Background on Ontario Advocacy Committee (OAC)

The objective of the research project was to provide CMC-Ontario (the Ontario Institute of Canadian Association of Management Consultants) with information and recommendations that would enable the organization to articulate a position on a performance management approach for management consulting services in the public sector.


The Ministry of Government Services has invited input from OAC as it develops this new VPM program over the next six to twelve months.



The Vendor Performance Management Study was a mixed mode project consisting of a survey, interviews, and a literature review. The objective of the survey was to collect representative data from sector stakeholders in a statistically valid way. An electronic link to an online survey was sent to potential respondents, and a total of 119 respondents completed the survey entirely. 184 respondents accessed the survey but did not complete it entirely.


Three telephone interviews were also completed with knowledgeable sector stakeholders. The objective of these interviews was to discuss the procurement and management of management consulting contracts, the use of existing vendor performance management systems, and features and best practices of potential vendor performance management systems. These interviews were also intended to inform the development of the survey instrument.


A literature review was also conducted at the beginning of the project to understand current and existing vendor performance management systems and to collect some baseline data on best practices in the field. Over 20 sources were consulted during the development of this review. 



Ø  Reviewed available documents and reports on the subject regarding the various methods used when organizations try and assess vendor performance management

Ø  Developed a collaborative information gathering and reporting approach with representatives from other Associations including: Ontario Public Buyers Association, Ontario Institute of the Purchasing Management Association of Canada and the Canadian Public Procurement Council

Ø  Developed an opinion and fact questionnaire for organizational or agency input consistent with similar questionnaires

Ø  Prepared a final report with recommendations  that were presented  to  the OAC VPM Committee on how CMC will be able to provide government and BPS organizations with a model that they will be able to use for Vendor Performance Management

Ø  Presented recommendation to the Ministry of Government Services Supply Chain Management Division