Purchasing Consulting – Upper Grand District School Board, Guelph

Website: www.ugdsb.on.ca
Resource: Gerald Ford CSCMP
Title: Senior Business Advisor
Period: Mar 2004 – May 2005

Gerald Ford was the Senior Purchasing Advisor for the Upper Grand District School Board during a period when they did not have a senior person to help manage several high visibility projects.

Services Delivered:
 RFP for cafeteria services for three (3) schools
 Quotation and purchasing support for furniture and equipment purchases for two (2) schools

Gerald Ford managed all of the projects and also hired two highly qualified individuals as part of the start-up to assist two high schools with the purchase of the furniture and equipment for their new schools. The Cambridge Solutions team worked closely with both Upper Grand management and vendors in order to ensure all of the items were ordered and delivered on time and on budget.

The other project was a Request for Cafeteria services for 3 High Schools. Gerald drafted the RFP, and determined a successful method of evaluating the bids allowing for a review committee to weigh quality of food higher than the rating for the submitted price.