Cooperative Purchasing – Wellington County Public Sector Consortium (WCPSC)

Resource: Gerald Ford CSCMP
Title: Senior Business Advisor/ Senior Purchasing Manager in North America
Period: Mar 2004 – May 2005

Gerald Ford provided leadership and expertise in assisting in replacing multi-function units for Consortium members of the Wellington Ministry Public Sector Consortium consisting of the following agencies:
1) Upper Grand District School Board
2) Wellington Catholic District School Board
3) City of Guelph
4) St. Joseph’s Health Centre Guelph
5) Homewood Health Centre
6) Guelph Hydro
7) The Elliott Community
8) Groves Memorial Hospital
9) Wellington County

The requirements included conducting interviews with all the noted agencies and compiling a new Request for Proposal (RFP) incorporating recommended new steps that were not present in the WCPSC’s previous process. Twenty-three (23) companies were requested to submit a bid. Eight (8) proposals were received on time. The RFP included a short list process where the vendors were requested to present to the WCPSC committee and based on the presentations, a short list of Five (5) vendors were asked to continue with the process. The next phase included a technical review were the IT departments of the Consortium members were able to review the features and functions of the equipment from a technical perspective. After this step was completed three (3) separate end user teams were formed to evaluate the equipment. All the short list vendors were requested to set up their equipment at one location and the WCPSC review teams evaluated the equipment and went from one work station to another thus allowing everyone to see and evaluate all the equipment at the same time. The final phase of the project was conducting a financial review. Gerald Ford’s work with the Consortium turned a challenging situation into one with a positive outcome for all stakeholders.

Gerald Ford was able to facilitate the process with negotiated documented savings of over $900,000 and completed the above tasks on time and within budget. Based on this one contact our fees were just under 7% of the savings or well over 1,450% return on our fees for service.